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The safety and well-being of our employees and communities is our number one priority

At eCo Modern Constructions, we strive to do no harm and pride ourselves on our industry-leading safety record, performing well above the industry average.

This zero-hazard culture trend is embodied in our long-term zero-hazard strategy in which everyone, regardless of job role, has an important part to play. This strategy is underpinned by our 'We are safer together' campaign, an award-winning engagement and learning programme.


Since the campaign was introduced in 2018, we have seen a marked reduction in incidents. In 2018, the accident frequency rate  decreased by 26% compared to 2017 to 0.039, a decrease of 73% over the next five years. We reported a 13% reduction in the number of reported lost time injuries (a 17% drop in rate over five years) and our safety performance led the industry, with an accident incidence rate of 79% below industry average (among Bati-Cameroon members).

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